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“It sounds like our guardian is having a hard time handling them.” Fai whispered back. “It would be troublesome if they broke the door down wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Kurogane shifted and kissed Fai deeply before getting off the bed and going to the door. “I’m here. Fai is awake, too.”

Kamui paused. “Alright. You three can go in.” Despite the rambunctious attitude the door was opened gently to show three young boys.

"Oooh he does have Lady Kaede’s aura! Cool cool! He looks just like that man too!" The boy with the blond hair and blue eyes looked at him. "I am the angel known as Nokoru! These are my friends Suoh and Akira!"

"Nobody was supposed to know you were here yet." Kamui sighed.

"Well that’s what’s great about being a smaller angel! It’s easier to sneak into the arch angel’s meetings!" He laughed but got pounded on his head.

"And that is why you’ll never get promoted to arch! Such disrespect and absurdity!" Kamui huffed. "You better not blab about this to the others. These two need to get adjusted before the general public swarms them, well Kurogane."

Fai watched the boys fawn over Kurogane and he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. He was only here under Kurogane’s genetic reputation. There could have easily been another demon in his place…or no one at all. Fai would become nothing but a quiet angel while Kurogane basked in the glory and love of people of heaven. He gripped the blankets lightly.

Nokoru looked passed Kurogane and saw Fai. With a smile he went past the man and up to the bed. “Hey! Hey! What’s your name?”

The blond jumped and looked down at the young boy. “F-Fai.”

"Fai huh? You’re the former demon right? You must be something special if you’re sharing the Master’s bed." He chuckled as he flew up. "Don’t worry. Your eyes are pretty. Why would somebody so pretty be a demon? I don’t know but your looks are better suited for the pure white wings of an angel." He kissed Fai’s cheek. "Don’t doubt his loyalty." Nokoru said softly before landing on the ground. "Come on guys! Let’s go!" The little angel took off, his friends right behind him.

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