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The angel stood when the door was opened and he bowed. “My name is Kamui. I was ordered by the Master Seraph Yuuko to watch over you two and be your guide as you adjust to heaven. She has informed me of your circumstances.” He straightened himself and smiled slightly. “You do have the Lady Kaede’s aura about you. We are happy to have his son among our ranks. Welcome to Heaven Kurogane.” Kamui looked over his shoulder. “Your companion will be sleeping a little longer. A seven hundred year old demon…converting and being purified is not something one can easily heal from.”

“Yeah…” Kurogane looked back at Fai and then to Kamui. He smiled softly at him. “I’d like to stay with him for now. If he wakes up, I’ll let you know. And if anyone wishes to see me, let me know.”

“Certainly. You might get very popular once word gets out that Kaede’s son is here.” He chuckled a little and closed the door.

Fai had shifted in the bed, nuzzling into the soft down pillows. He whimpered lightly in his sleep, gripping the sheets.

When Kamui shut the door, Kurogane went back to where Fai lay on their bed. He went to lie down next to him once again and noticed he looked a little uncomfortable. Kurogane wrapped his arms around Fai and nuzzled into him, whispering softly to him in his sleep. “I don’t know if I can do anything about whatever you’re feeling right now…but I’m here for you.”

Fai quickly grabbed onto him and sighed softly, relaxing in his hold.

He didn’t wake till hours later and he grunted. “Hn? Mmm…Kurogane?” Fai looked around in his limited view within Kurogane’s hold. “What happened? Am…am I okay? Are you okay?” He jumped at the sudden noise outside.

“Hey hey! Let us in Kamui!”

“Nokoru! Suoh! Akira!”

“Yeah it’s us so let us in I want to see him!”

“They’re resting right now so I can’t.”

“They’ve been resting for three days now. Time to make like his Holiness and Rise!”

“Well I could see if they’re awake now.” Kamui knocked on the door. “Kurogane? Fai? Are you awake? You have some visitors.”

“You’re fine,” Kurogane whispered to him. He rubbed his back gently and whispered again, “I really don’t want to answer the door…but I probably should, shouldn’t I?”

"It sounds like our guardian is having a hard time handling them." Fai whispered back. "It would be troublesome if they broke the door down wouldn’t it?"

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